We absolutely love hosting Stepping Stones Theatre at Trinity Arts Centre.  They epitomise the concept of community based drama and we have always found them to be highly professional.  The company really engage their participants and the personal nature of the stories told is sometimes a challenge but is done is such a way that the audience is very uplifted.  At the shows we experience sadness, laughter and empathy and a real sense of pride that these people had survived their ordeals and felt empowered to let other people know about them in a bid to raise mental health issues and show everyone that we are not alone.I cannot wait for the next show!  

Karen Whitfield Leisure & Cultural Services Team Manager

I want to congratulate all of the Stepping Stone cast on such a wonderful show….as usual….never fails to disappoint. I’m always blown away by how talented you all are and how well the show comes together. I have to say I know quite a lot of the stepping stone crew and cannot underestimate the benefits that being part of the stepping stone theatre company has had on people; providing them with a combination of self-esteem, enduring friendships and meaningful activity. 

Meg , audience member and carer.

Dear Bill, Kate and, of course, all the Cast,

As a 'regular' in your audience, I'd like to say a big thank you to you all for such a phenomenal show that was 'The Mind Is Kind'. I don't know how you managed it, but it was even better than the last. As always, it was a journey of tears, laughter, reflection and hope for my family and me. We all agreed that each show, like the Cast, has grown so much and continues to be a fantastic, very brave way to share the rocky road of Mental Health. 

The light of the 'road to recovery' resonated particularly strongly with us this year as we have seen our bi-polar with MPD niece graduate university with a first, celebrate her first wedding anniversary with a man who truly shares and supports her struggles and her successfully reconnect with her children. Early days in a lifetime, but positive ones.

Yet again, watching the show this year , loosened our tongues to discuss our own mental health and lightened our hearts as a result. Our sincerest thanks to you all; long may you entertain and educate us all. We look forward to next year's! Best.

Kate. Audience member, supporter, teacher and mother.

Dear all

I just wanted to send everyone involved in the fantastic production on Saturday night a huge congratulations and thank you for an amazing evening. My husband and I attended with friends. We have never heard of Stepping Stones, even though we have lived in Gainsborough over 20 years, and so had no real understanding about what to expect. We were moved to tears! Tears of laughter and sadness. The cast delivered their messages so convincingly and in such a heartfelt manner. I am sure everyone could relate to some aspect of the issues raised and removing the stigma of mental health issues can only be beneficial to all.  I have already told people about the evening and will watch out for future events. We hope the cast gained as much from the production as we did!

Once again, congratulations and thank you.

Helen, audience member 

Dear all, 

well done on Saturday's performance! No stranger to the world of Mental Health from both sides, I found the whole evening most entertaining. More importantly so did my four guests who travelled with me. 

Yours Sincerely,  Nick, audience member.

Just got back from Trinity Arts after seeing Stepping Stones "In a Nutshell" for anyone who doesn't know it is a theatre for people with mental health problems. What a thoroughly enjoyable evening full of comedy, music, acting and personal experiences. You get better and better, congratulations to all who took part, you are a credit to yourselves. For the record Bill you had me in tears again. Some of the narratives were very touching and emotional. Look forward to your next production. For anyone who hasn't seen them go along and give your support you won't regret it. Once again, well done everyone. 

Janet, audience member 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the cast for Saturday's show, and for chatting to us afterwards. It was moving, funny and inspiring.  I took a group of students to the theatre last night. I was expecting to have lots to talk about in terms of the benefits of the creative process for mental health, but I had no idea what to expect from the performance. I certainly was not prepared for one of the most funny, moving, troubling and thought-provoking nights I can remember. On the journey home, we all agreed that there was an overriding sense of bravery in each performance: but that it really shouldn't be 'brave' to tell your own story, or to talk so candidly about mental illness. I think we all learned more in those 2 hours than we ever could in 2 years of reading about it.

Tracy JefferyLecturer in Special Educational Needs, BG university, Lincoln

One of the greatest things that your open performances have brought to us is their ripple effect as the show has enabled us to once again open up, in a different way, the important dialogue of mental health with each other as a family, our extended family and friends. It's amazing what conversations we've had when we answer the question "What did you do at the weekend?" with "We went to watch Stepping Stone Theatre and their show about mental health".

Katy, audience member and supporter


Written By Rosie Noble a long standing member of Stepping Stone Theatre

Stepping stone theatre for mental health. 

Package leaflet: information for the user. 

50 mg of film-coated fun.

Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start your journey because it contains important information advisable to avoid n overdose of fun. 

If you have any further questions then use nd ask an open and enquiring mind. 

This charity has not been prescribed for you alone (Steping stone theatre has an open door policy). You have taken the first step of bravery and courage. Feel free to pass it on to others. It will not harm them; symptoms may worsen initially but are guaranteed to improve over time. 

If you experience by of the following side effects;






Sense of empowerment. 



Sense of belonging. 



Community spirit. 

Then talk to your doctor or pharmacist as you may be experiencing an cute form of wellness and improved overall well-being. Alternatively, spread the word of well-being, contact your councillors, your MP's, your journalists and put stepping on the map. 

The most salient fact, I believe is that stepping stone theatre is theatre in its rawest sense, focusing not just on individuals but working in a much wider sense in that it educates, inspires and de-stigmatises illness but most of all it involves audience. But! The prescription for stepping stone theatre is not free. Yes, for its members, but, as a charitable organisation stepping stone theatre needs funding to further thrive and seek new audiences.

I personally have experienced the aforementioned side effects of Stepping stone theatre and reached a level of restorative well-being I am happy with so I will continue to get my dose and encourage others to do the same. 

Thank you.