Today’s task is simple. Walk. Walk more. We all walk every day. Let’s do some of it by choice. Make yourself walk. This is the route to doing more exercise. Walk more.

What I recommend is to “up” your walking. Park the car farther from the grocery store. Not only are there more open spaces, easier to park but you will also get some walking in. Taking the trolley to the car, full of groceries, why that’s a workout.

Yes, it’s all about exercise. You’ve all read and been taught how good exercise is for you. You will all be at a level of exercise, how much you are doing now.  All I’m advocating is do more. And the easiest way to increase your exercise is to walk more.

Take the stairs. Elevators and escalators are for wimps. And don’t just walk up the stairs, bound up the stairs.  I have a staircase where I work. Every day I run up those stairs to get to work and every day I run down those stairs to get home.  It is my moment of mindfulness that I must do more exercise. I run, only for a few seconds, but I run.

So you say, you just haven’t got time. That’s why I’m suggesting that you integrate it into what you already do. Or you could do what I have done. I get up earlier. I’ve carved out an extra half hour just by setting my alarm earlier. And I use that time to exercise. I set my alarm for 20 minutes and I stretch. It is wonderful, truly amazing. There is nothing like exercising first thing in the morning. It sets you up for the whole day, I feel self-righteous because I have done something so good for myself. And I do it all before I’ve had my first coffee!

If you are ready for it, try taking an exercise class. I was reluctant to do this. I figured I wasn’t in good enough shape. I figured I would be able to keep up. But finally I signed up. And lo and behold, it wasn’t too hard. You can work at your own pace. Who knew? It never occurred to me that I could “create” my own fitness class. I am in control. Brilliant. Now I never miss.

I made a resolve a few years ago that I would take exercise EVERY day. And I have stuck to it. I do my 20 minute stretch in my conservatory, which I have renamed the Slym Gym. And every day I either go to the gym, or I walk or I do the exercise bike – you know the one, it is part washing line, always hung with laundry, it lives in my back room. But still I use it. Exercise is now a habit, a ritual, a not to be missed event. I set a goal and I have achieved it and there is nothing better than that.

And, of course, you can try a Fitbit. Monitoring your exercise is all part of increasing you exercise. I don’t have one… but Christmas is around the corner… who knows maybe one will be under the tree…

So where ever you are on the exercise spectrum, fit as a fiddle or sluggish as a worm, all I am saying is just do a little more. This is a time to push yourself. Then have a time of staying at the same level, settle in, enjoy it. And then increase again. You can increase time or intensity. I think the Nike slogan is brilliant – “just do it”. My slogan is equally good. “Just do it more”.

Have a great day. You are going to have to go through this day whatever you think; it might as well be a good one. Get active now.


About the Author – Kate Hull Rodgers is an expert by experience. She has been mentally ill since 1986, more than 30 years. She is diagnosed as bi polar and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) Every day she battles to be in recovery, many days she wins. She speaks in corporate workplaces with her company www.humourus.co.uk. She has spoken in 29 countries. Also she runs Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health www.steppingstonetheatre.co.uk with her husband, Bill- and she is still happily married. Mustn’t forget, she is the proud mother of Harvey and Dominic – and the dog, Zebbie.