Until recently my morning ritual was a disaster. We all have rituals, the things we do every day. Mine looked like this – alarm blasts into my sleep, I hit the snooze button – hard, I snooze, I hit it again. I think I’m so clever to have set the alarm early enough so that I can have two snoozes. I feel like crap. The  time has come…. I drrrrrraaaaaaggggg myself out of bed. I wake my son. I “get ready” as quickly as I can. As quickly as I can because any leftover minutes and I jump onto the couch. Put a t-shirt over my head and snooze for a few precious minutes. Only to be awoken AGAIN by my husband and I’m off for the day. I, like so many of us, hated mornings. This ritual was making me truly grumpy. It had me declaring “I’m not a morning person.”

Always looking for a way to change for the positive, I realized there had to be a different way. And then I read a way to be more alert. Get up on the first alarm. What!?! No snooze button. Unheard of, unbelievable, unthinkable. It took me about a week but finally I decided to give it a try. And OMG, it was revolutionary. I woke on the first alarm, I got up on the first alarm, and I got out of bed on the first alarm. Lo and behold, I felt refreshed. I had not felt so good in years. Yes, years. It was that new, it was shocking. And that’s the way it goes, once you crack the door open to possibilities – they usually come flooding in. That’s what happened to me.

So suddenly I had an extra 20 minutes in my morning ritual. What to do? Well I had always wanted to exercise first thing in the morning. Here was my opportunity. I began to stretch 20 minutes a day. I set my alarm so I would do a full 20 minutes. And just as I had expected, I felt great.

More, more, more. I reasoned that whatever time I awoke it would be a shock so why not set the alarm 20 minutes earlier and I could get so much more done. I started meditating. I had tried this a while ago and had just fallen asleep. But, as so often happens with good habits, I had to try more than once. Not give up. I tried to meditate and by gosh, I felt fantastic. Clear and clean head.

What? I still have more time! I started writing in my journal. Now I already write in my journal every day. But always at bedtime. What is this blasphemy that I began to write in my journal in the morning. How can I write about the things I did, when I haven’t done anything. Suddenly I was writing about the things I was looking forward to. Suddenly I was organizing my day. Here I was organizing my entire day, just because I got up on the first snooze. It’s a miracle.

No longer do I rush because I haven’t got enough time, no longer do I rush to get a few more minutes on the couch. Really surprisingly, I’ve been waking up before the alarm. So even that is a gentle intro to the day.

Now I am chilled, I am organized. I am even writing this blog first thing in the morning. I’ve had a coffee. I’ve got my son up. I’ve taken tea to my husband. I’ve got dressed, I’ve stretched, I’ve meditated. All really simple things but I am proud, so very proud.

I am READY to face the day, rather than the day coming slamming into my world. I am ready to greet it. Eyes wide open, shoulders dropped and legs stretched. Bring it on!