I and many of my friends suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s a chicken and egg thing. Which comes first – the depression or the negative self-talk? Do you talk yourself into being depressed or do you get depressed and then negative self-talk is the only way. Well it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that you can change how you talk to yourself. Because, believe me, the only cause of depression is negative self-talk. Sure some of it is bio-chemical, but your bio-chemistry only comes from your life style. You are what you eat but you are also what you think.

So what do we do to fix it? We change our self-talk. We train our minds to be more positive. So if you are ever thinking “I can’t help this” or “this is happening TO me”, just remember that you are doing it to yourself and you can change that.

Here’s how. Positive Affirmations. Hold on…. Can it be so simple? Just to repeat a phrase or two and I’ll be cured. If you are not familiar with Positive Affirmations – it is where you repeat, in your head or out loud, a simple phrase or sentence. You know – a fridge magnet saying.

When I first encountered Positive Affirmations – I dismissed the idea. Silly and way too easy. But the idea kept coming back to me, kept being suggested to me. So I listened to the world, took the hint and started using them.

The positive results have been profound.

I’m going to share with you the two affirmations that have had the most profound effect on me. They have changed my self-talk. For the better.

Here I go. Now I don’t want you just to read them and carry on. I want you to pause. I want you to look off into middle distance and I want you to repeat my positive affirmation. I am risking that you will think I’m silly. It is the least you can do. Pause and think.

My first affirmation is this – LET IT BE. There I said it now. ….. I’ll wait till you come back to read on. Hello there. Yes LET IT BE has changed my life, especially my marriage. When I took it on board, I realised how much I don’t just LET IT BE. I am controlling. I am correcting. I am trying to change things to fit into my square hole. But I’ve got a lot of round pegs in my life. My husband being one of them. This simple affirmation made me realize how much I nag my husband. I WAS constantly correcting, guiding, asking, telling, changing, controlling. Well now I don’t do it anymore. I have totally taken on LET IT BE. And you know what; my world is calmer, full of peace. And you know what else – the people around me are a lot smarter than I gave them credit for. My world, sat right there in front of me, is exactly what I want, what I need… all I have to do is LET IT BE.

My second affirmation is this – I AM ENOUGH. What?! NO! What about all the diets, the exercise plans, and the things on every commercial - they brain wash me into believing I won’t be complete until I own that car. Mostly it is the feeling of inadequacy that is affected by this affirmation. I AM ENOUGH. You mean I don’t have to feel threatened by my friend’s success that they post on Facebook. You mean I don’t have to get excited about another fridge magnet. “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Oh how true is that. What a relief to come to believe I AM ENOUGH.

So I’ve spent ages doing Positive Affirmations and I am saving you time. I am giving you the two that have helped me the most.

The goal is to have positive self-talk. It helps with ALL aspects of your life. Your relationships, your stress, your relationship with stress.

So go on now. Stare off into space, repeat my affirmations and start training your mind to be positive. Happy people are positive and positive people are happy.

Me, I’ve already done my Positive Affirmations. I do them first thing in the morning. Me, I’m off to the gym. And whatever happens there, as I build and try and improve , I know that I AM ENOUGH,  and as I watch that lyrca clad Barbie doll, I know that I can just LET IT BE and get on with my positive life.

Have a great day.