We are a theatre company for the mental health users, carers, health care workers, family and friends. We run workshops and create testimonial plays. We also run workshops for mental health groups. The core members of our company are Bill Rodgers and Kate Hull Rodgers. Kate is bi polar and Bill is her carer. Bill has thirty years’ experience as an actor, writer, director and musician. Kate wrote and acted in her award winning testimonial play CRACKED UP and toured it to 29 countries. We believe that not only will our members benefit from the creativity of a theatre group, but the audience will also gain. Testimonial theatre is a powerful way to tell our stories and de-stigmatise mental ill health and promote good mental health and well being. We want the company to be open to more than just users. We want to illuminate the stories of the carers (professional and non-professional) and family and friends. We want to show how mental health effects an entire community. Also we want to try and educate more about mental illness and to promote tolerance and a better understanding to help rid the stigma which often surrounds mental illness.